A Light💡hearted Story For A Serious Lighting Partnership

Posted by Paul Rudalavage on Apr 22, 2020 8:33:20 PM

[based on a true story]

Almost a year ago today, Team Synergy was lacing up orange sneakers and putting Lego kits together ahead of Lightfair. Things are different today, but what hasn’t changed is our desire to tell a different story in lighting.

“You had me at hello.”

If you remember that line from the movie Jerry Maguire, that means you are pretty old - like me! After watching Jerry Maguire and Dorothy Boyd set aside their differences to live happily ever after, we all left the movie feeling satisfied. It’s the quintessential romantic story and the script flowed just the way we expected it to flow. It goes a little something like this: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, there is an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome, but then they realize their love is more important than anything else. It is cheesy and predictable, but we always seem to come back for more of the same story.

You may not realize it, but in the lighting industry, that classic Hollywood plot has been playing out between two manufacturers for years – and the 'happily ever after' occurred just recently.

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