Lightfair Innovation Awards 2020

May 19, 2020 5:57:41 PM
Team Synergy
Team Synergy
Magellan-RedDot-Lightfair Innovation


Congratulations to Kuzco Contract, Lightheaded Lighting and Maxlite for winning Lightfair Innovation Awards this year. Kuzco took home three awards, including Most Innovative Product of the Year for the Magellan.

Lightfair recognized the fixture for it's groundbreaking design and elegant appearance - highlighting the eye-catching but soft qualities that set the fixture apart. 


"The Magellan from Kuzco Lighting fills contemporary space with elegance, and pure, concentric form. Multiple shades surround a hollow center in a static orbit, creating a soft, floral effect that invites the eye to navigate the fixture’s contoured repetition. Indirect light is cast onto the shade interiors, creating an even, ambient glow. Featured as a stand-alone or clustered in larger spaces, the Magellan is especially suitable as a dramatic focal point, available in black finishes."

Source: Lightfair Innovation Awards

The Magellan also won a RedDot: Best of the Best award in lighting design. 

See our list of winners below and be sure to visit the virtual Lightfair Innovation Awards here for the full list of recipients.

Commercial Indoor: Troffers, Suspended and Surface Mounted
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.29.35 PM
Adjustable LED Pipe
"The LED Pipe from Lightheaded Lighting is a fully adjustable architectural ceiling mount LED cylinder. The extruded aluminum body is a one-piece design that serves as both heatsink and stylish aesthetic."

Lamps: Conventional, Retrofit and Replacement

Maxlite G9 Base Lamp
JA8 Listed G9 Base Lamp
"MaxLite's G9 base lamps consume just four watts and emit 400 lumens (40-watt incandescent equivalent) and meet California's JA8 specifications for low flicker, high CRI, and dimming. "


Source: Lightfair Innovation Awards

Sports, Step, Landscape, Pool & Fountain Luminaires

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4-37-15 PMStem
"Stem from Kuzco can be integrated into any garden or outdoor setting while being installed at different angles in grass, gravel, or sand. Stem works with low-voltage transformers, meaning it is compatible with solar cells, timers, dimmers, and other garden lighting control system infrastructure. The constant low voltage system makes Stem safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to wire."

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