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Oct 2, 2019 4:22:00 PM
Team Synergy
Team Synergy

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Welcome to our blog: The Synergy Standard. Why the alliterative name? Because we believe work should be done to the highest standard possible, whether it be greeting someone at a distribution counter with a smile or staying in a hotel two hours away from home to make sure a building’s lighting controls are programmed perfectly. We are dedicated to building things right – from customer relationships to the projects we are involved in and the services we provide.

Who are we?

The Synergy team is comprised of professionals in the electrical industry who help architects, engineers, electrical contractors, and general contractors build better buildings. As manufacturer’s representatives, we have a unique mission to be a steady, stable source of product information, product support, and product delivery to our local markets. But beyond product, our team has a diverse background that allows us to be more flexible together – eager and able to consult with you and solve problems before (or after) they occur. We will gradually introduce our people on the blog so you can get a feel for their scope of work and how they approach their projects and customers. 

Why blog? 

Our three distinct business divisions position us to cover all aspects of the existing and new construction building industry. We know people and processes inside and out, which allows us

 to observe strengths and weaknesses in ourselves, our manufacturers, and the industry in general. This blog is a platform to communicate our enthusiasm for the work that we do within the electrical and construction industries. It will serve as a dedicated space to share our observations and experiences, reference day-to-day issues and reflect on all of the above in order to help you in your current job role.

Technology is evolving rapidly in the world of lighting and electrical goods. It is exceedingly challenging to stay on top of emerging trends and shifts in the market. Accordingly, our blog will also serve as one of the main mediums we support to provide details, opinions and cases in this rapidly changing market. We strive to share as much insight and provide support around the topics we feel confident speaking to.

What next? 

Please reach out to us if there is anything you would like us to consult on or write about.  And if you like what you read, subscribe below for blog updates to let us know we are on the right track.


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