Electric Lighting Agencies, Inc. and Synergy Electrical Sales Sign Merger Agreement to Form ELA + Synergy

Mar 4, 2024 6:05:56 AM
Team Synergy
Team Synergy

Electric Lighting Agencies, Inc. (ELA) and Synergy Electrical Sales announced today that they have entered into a historic merger agreement, forming "ELA + Synergy." This union creates one of the largest agencies in New York Metro, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware - boasting an unparalleled portfolio of brands and two adept, experienced teams with multigenerational relationships in their respective hometowns.


ELA + Synergy is more than just the unification of two businesses. It represents the joining of two complementary cultures, paving the way for a new era of collaboration, innovation, and shared expertise. This holistic expansion will bridge specification and supply businesses – eventually splitting into two distinct brands under one roof: ELA + Synergy on the specification side and Synergy Electrical Sales on the distribution side.


Established in 1955, Electric Lighting Agencies, Inc. is the oldest and most successful lighting manufacturer's representative in the New York Metropolitan area. With over 45 employees across two locations, ELA consistently delivers creative and technical solutions in the lighting and controls community.


Synergy, known for its strong relationships in the electrical wholesale space and rapidly growing architectural division, expanded north to New York Metro in 2021 by acquiring Pyramid Lighting. With this move, they brought their joint architectural specification and electrical distribution business model to essential customers who had also expanded north. This customer-centric strategy attracted top brands, including Panduit and Signify lamps and ballasts; and BEGA in Northern New Jersey.


The convergence of ELA and Synergy marks a strategic next step following Synergy’s recently expanded partnership with Signify and ELA’s long-standing representation of Color Kinetics.


This merger brings together two reputable agents with deep relationships in their respective home markets. ELA + Synergy will serve the New York Metro, New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania areas with an expanded product line, dedicated teams of experts, and a common goal of delivering the highest level of service to the lighting, design, and electrical communities.


Throughout 2024, the websites for ELA and Synergy will continue to function independently. However, effective immediately, the line cards, personnel, and office locations for ELA and Synergy will be unified.

To learn more about ELA, visit www.electriclighting.com.

For more about Synergy in New York and Northern New Jersey, visit www.ses95.com.

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