About Us

A Joint Force

established 2020

In 2020 (against all odds) Synergy Electrical Sales and Pyramid Lighting Group joined forces to better support the New York City marketplace, officially transitioning to the name "Synergy NYC" in 2022. 

The convergence of two established family agencies is a union of resources. As Synergy NYC, we are dedicated to building a new service model and crafting an unequivocal customer experience based on responsiveness. We are also proud to introduce Lutron Shading Solutions and Rollease Acmeda to our customers, as well as several additional lighting and specialty lines.

Customers are welcome to experience some of these new solutions in person at our stunning showroom space at 1239 Broadway.


established 2001

The roots of our beginning were from the desires of three family companies to create a stronger and more effective agency for their clients in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware. With the combination of the different skills of leadership and employees, we quickly rose to become leaders in our market.

We pride ourselves on our team of experts and in the products and services that we offer within our three focused business divisions: Architectural Design Solutions, Engineered Energy Solutions, and Electrical Wholesale Channel Solutions. Our people are paramount to our success and operate with a tremendous reputation in the market through long-term relationships built on ethical business practices.



established 1993

Since 1993, Pyramid worked with Lighting Designers, Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Showrooms, Distributors and Contractors within the Greater New York City area - connecting their complete offering of lighting solutions to unique projects. 

The merger with Synergy was a monumental moment in company history that launched their level of service and professionalism to even greater heights. 




Our People

At Pyramid, people are our most valuable asset. Our skilled team of experts are paramount to our success and operate with a tremendous reputation in our market through long-term relationships.